Basking In The Ocean’s Splendor | Oceanfront Condominium Project

The Place for Kitchens and Baths is pleased to present a newly completed project within an oceanfront condominium on South Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida.

Designed with the oceanfront splendor in mind, the clean, contemporary kitchen complements the coastal views to great effect. Clean, crisp light tones coordinate with the abundant natural light that pours through the floor-to-ceiling window walls.

The coastal contemporary aesthetic carries over to the master bath as well. A beautiful, exotic light fixture illuminates the space, along with low-voltage spot lighting. Other features include a floating bathroom counter with underlit cabinets and a quartz countertop; a spacious glass-enclosed steam shower; and a beautiful, intricately patterned tile wall on two sides of the space.

See more of this newly completed oceanfront condominium project here.

If the kitchen and baths of your oceanfront condominium does not match the splendor of its location, you should consider a renovation. Contact us by phone at (561) 338-7171 or by email at, and let us transform your home with the kitchen and bath of which you have always dreamed.