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Why A Double Island Kitchen Might Be Perfect For You

A double kitchen island is just what it sounds like – two islands in one kitchen. Deciding whether or not to ad this extra counter to your home can be an overwhelming decision, so let’s go through the list of pros that might help you. The first major plus for adding a second counter is […]

Custom Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is often the centerpiece of any bathroom, having the greatest effect on the overall look of the space. The Place For Kitchens and Baths is pleased to present beautiful custom vanities that complete the look of the bathrooms they adorn. The painted cabinet and quartz countertop seen in the bathroom pictured above […]

Working With A Kitchen Designer

Kitchens are not only the most popular space in a home to renovate, but often the most complicated as well, due to the many decisions involved in the project. From the layout of the kitchen, to the finishes, to the choice of products, and more—no detail should be overlooked. It’s important to work with an […]
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Contemporary, Transitional, or Traditional?

Contemporary; Transitional; Traditional — what style suits your tastes? There are telltale signs of each design trend and we’re here to discuss the differences so you can decide which style fits you. The word “Contemporary” is defined as “of the present time,” which is why its design concept is ever-evolving. As you can see in […]