Top Tips for Kitchen Countertops 2018

When it comes to remodeling the kitchen or bath, there is a tendency to focus solely on the cabinets or flooring while overlooking the countertops, but the countertops are the foundation of any kitchen or bath. Not only are the countertops where most of the work gets done, but they are essentially what brings the entire space together.

Quartz and quartzite are the top competitors for countertop material choices. While at one point, granite was everyone’s go-to, quartz has proven itself to be a durable, low-maintenance, and stain-resistant force to be reckoned with.

Quartzite is more durable than quartz, but unlike quartz, it must be sealed periodically to be protected. Quartz, on the other hand, is a synthetically engineered stone that is nonporous which means it is more stain-resistant, and is able to be delivered in a wider variety of patterns and colors.

The natural stone look is becoming more and more popular, which is why quartz, which can be designed to resemble granite and marble, has become the new fan-favorite. Because of the realistic veining in quartz and quartzite, every kitchen or bath that uses this material looks unique.

Maintenance can differ significantly depending on the material of the countertops. When it comes to granite and marble, a neutral pH-balanced cleaner is best because acidic cleaners will dull the finish. With wood countertops, a daily cleanup with warm water and non-abrasive cleaner is a must to prevent staining. Quartz is known for its stain-resistance, but if a mark should appear, we recommend using glass cleaner.

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