Custom Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is often the centerpiece of any bathroom, having the greatest effect on the overall look of the space. The Place For Kitchens and Baths is pleased to present beautiful custom vanities that complete the look of the bathrooms they adorn.

The painted cabinet and quartz countertop seen in the bathroom pictured above were designed to harmonize with the surrounding space, where an energizing palette of colors brings everything together.

This spacious, picturesque bathroom pictured above consists of an imposing and substantial bathroom vanity with a marble countertop, as well as dark walnut cabinetry and mirror frames that complement the elegant sconces.

Warm, earthy tones transform the bathroom pictured above into a place of relaxation and serenity. The horizontal three-dimensional vanity stretches from wall-to-wall and consists of quartzite counters, chrome drawer pulls, and a porcelain vessel sink.

A stunning vanity completes the look of the sleek contemporary bathroom pictured above. The glass vessel sink takes center stage, but also enhances the overall style. A gorgeous high-gloss tile wall harmonizes with the quartz countertop, high-gloss drawers and sleek drawer pulls.

If you are inspired to transform your bathroom, contact The Place For Kitchens and Baths at (561) 338-7171. Let’s make your perfect bathroom a reality.