Why A Double Island Kitchen Might Be Perfect For You

A double kitchen island is just what it sounds like – two islands in one kitchen. Deciding whether or not to ad this extra counter to your home can be an overwhelming decision, so let’s go through the list of pros that might help you.

The first major plus for adding a second counter is the obvious–it gives you more counter space. This bonus of counter space is great for cooking and baking, allowing you plenty of room to work without overcrowding. This is perfect if you have a large family, host lots of events or simply just love to cook. Having this extra space also makes the kitchen easier for more than one person to cook at a time. This is ideal if you love to cook with family or friends.

Having an extra island is perfect for entertaining, providing more space for food, drinks, and is a great place for your guests to gather. Because of the extra counter space, this allows for designated food functions. One island being the place you dine or host a well presented hors d’oevres and the other for drinks and utensils. On a day to day basis, this extra counter would be perfect for cooking while trying to entertain your children.

While there are many great benefits of having a double island, it isn’t necessary if you don’t cook much. If you want a double island kitchen but you don’t actually use it to cook, you could be unintentionally overcrowding the space. A double kitchen island can take up a lot of space, especially if you have a smaller kitchen, even if you opt for a smaller model. A double island is only generally appropriate if you have a generously sized kitchen.