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You Can Only Do Right By Decorating In White

Traditional and elegant; modern and classy—when it comes to the color of your kitchen, you can only do right by decorating in white. White tones are perfect for giving your kitchen the timeless, yet versatile look. A kitchen in white never goes out of style. Whether it is a rustic country aesthetic; a sleek and […]
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Contemporary, Transitional, or Traditional?

Contemporary; Transitional; Traditional — what style suits your tastes? There are telltale signs of each design trend and we’re here to discuss the differences so you can decide which style fits you. The word “Contemporary” is defined as “of the present time,” which is why its design concept is ever-evolving. As you can see in […]

Luxury Laundry Rooms

Although the laundry room may not be the first room that comes to mind when considering a home renovation, an exquisitely renovated laundry room can not only add major resale value to a home, but greatly improve the quality of life of its residents as well. Today’s luxury laundry rooms are more than just a […]

The Place for Kitchens and Baths Project Unveilings

The Place for Kitchens and Baths is proud to publish the completion of a multitude of projects. Many clients have decided to revamp their kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms these past few months, and we are overjoyed to share the gorgeous finished products. With the kitchens we designed, we were able to explore and get […]

Top Tips for Kitchen Countertops 2018

When it comes to remodeling the kitchen or bath, there is a tendency to focus solely on the cabinets or flooring while overlooking the countertops, but the countertops are the foundation of any kitchen or bath. Not only are the countertops where most of the work gets done, but they are essentially what brings the […]

Contemporary Style

Mixed materials, polished chrome and stainless steel accents, spot lighting, a waterfall island breakfast eat-in area, and beautiful backsplashes set the stage for a bright and energizing contemporary kitchen.